August 15th, 2016


International Date Line. Flight from Kamchatka to Alaska over the Pacific Ocean.

We are used to treat the time zones practically - they are important in traveling and long journeys. Forgetting about the time zone, you can be late for the flight and simply “lost in time”. We count time zones starting from the Greenwich – conventional zero line, “plus” to the east and “minus” to the west. But, since the Earth is round, there is a place where time zones face one another, where “today” meets “tomorrow”. This place is called “Date Line”, and it passes over the Pacific Ocean.

It’s possible to cross it choosing the flight “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Anchorage” of Yakutia Airlines. Since you do not fly through Europe as usual but “backwards”, then in the US you land in the day you’ve already spent. When you fly back to Kamchatka, you come back to the future.

Recently I have had such a journey in time with Yakutia Airlines.

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